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1 Introduction - Reference Documentation

Authors: Sudhir Nimavat

Version: 0.5.2

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1 Introduction

Nimble is an extensive application base for Grails powered softwares.

Nimble can save you months of development cost by providing common components that most of web applications require. Nimble provides beautiful UI and ready to use functionality for login, user registration, password reset, Users, Roles, Groups and permission management. Nimble provides administration portal from where all of the above stuff can be managed. Its possible to extends nimble administration portal to add other administration functionality for your application.

1.1 Overview

The following components make up the core of what Nimble provides to developers


By utilizing Shiro Plugin Nimble provides built in support authentication using locally managed accounts. Nimble provides ready to use UI for login, registration, password reset, user management, user login history.

Fine grained access control

By combining the three core access control concepts of users, groups and roles with the permissions engine exposed by Apache Shiro your application can achieve fine grained access control across controllers, views, services, GSPs and native Java logic. Permissions can be applied to users, roles and groups. Users can be members of an unlimited number of groups. Both users and groups are able to be assigned roles. Enabling permissions to cascade through this structure is where Nimble gains its real access control flexibility. This process is also dynamic. If you remove or apply a permission that ultimately applies to a currently active Nimble based user session that user obtains or loses access without needing to terminate their session.