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4 Customizing Nimble - Reference Documentation

Authors: Sudhir Nimavat

Version: 0.5.2

4 Customizing Nimble

Host application can customize many aspects of the Nimble plugin by overriding various components. This is not nimble specific, Standard Grails overriding conventions apply.

Overriding layout

Default layouts used by nimble are app.gsp and admin.gsp. The layout can be overridden by creating files with same name in grails-app/views/layout directory of host application.

Instead of overriding you may want to configure layout names in NimbleConfig.groovy

Overriding styles and Javascript

Nimble uses Grails resources plugin. Host application can override CSS/Javascript provided by Nimble plugin by overriding the resource bundles provided by nimble.

See NimblePluginResources.groovy to find out resource bundles.

Modifying Nimble side menu

Nimble side menu can be modified by copying _sidenavigation.gsp to grails-app/view/templates/nimble/navigation

Email templates

During installation, Nimble copies email templates into grails-app/views/templates/nimble/mail. These templates can be modified to change the content of emails.